Degrees / Majors

Undergraduate Options:


The Department offers a B. A. in Geography with options in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis or in Cultures, Regions and International Development.


The Department also offers a B. S. degree in Meteorology.

Graduate Options:

Geospatial Science Certificate:

Geography is a participant in the Graduate Level Geospatial Information Technology Certification Program which allows you to get a certification in Geographic Information Science with the completion of four MS level courses. You do not have to be in a degree seeking program to take the certificate.

MS Degree:

Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Program

The Department offers an MS degree in Geography. Exceptional undergraduate geography students may be nominated for the accelerated Undergraduate/graduate program.

Master of Science (MS)

We also offer a 2-year MS in Geography.

PhD. Degree:

Geospatial and Environmental Analysis (PhD.)

The Department also participates in the College of natural Resources and Environment's interdisciplinary doctoral program in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis .