Luke Juran

Luke Juran

Assistant Professor

Luke Juran’s website

Luke Juran also holds a partial appointment at the Virginia Water Resources Research Center

Research Interests

  • Human Ecology of Water;  Wat-San;  HWTS;  Latrine Usage
  • Reconstruction;  Resettlement;  Water-Hazards Interface;  Wat-San Recovery
  • South Asia;  The Global South;  Mixed Methods


  • Introduction to Water Resources  (GEOG 2004 / NR 2004)
  • Environmental Problems, Population & Development  (GEOG 3104)
  • Practicing Sustainability  (NR 4444)
  • Water & Hazards  (GEOG 4984 / GEOG 5984)

Recent Publications: 

  • MacDonald, M.C., L. Juran, J. Jose, S. Srinivasan, S.I. Ali, K.J. Aronson, & K. Hall. (In Press). The impact of rainfall and seasonal variability on the removal of bacteria by a point-of-use drinking water treatment intervention in Chennai, India. International Journal of Environmental Health Research.
  • Juran, L. (2015). A framework for integrating water projects in disaster reconstruction processes in the international context. Public Works Management & Policy 20(4): 305-321.
  • Juran, L. & J. Trivedi. (2015). Women, gender norms, and natural disasters in Bangladesh. Geographical Review 105(4): 601-611.
  • Juran, L. & M.C. MacDonald. 2014. An assessment of boiling as a method of household water treatment in South India. Journal of Water & Health 12(4): 791-802.
  • Juran, L. 2012. The gendered nature of disasters: women survivors in post-tsunami Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Gender Studies 19(1): 1-29.
  • Juran, L. 2012. Book review - Women, gender and disaster: global issues and initiatives. Indian Journal of Gender Studies 19(2): 341-344.
Luke Juran