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DEI Mission Statement

The Virginia Tech Department of Geography recognizes the effects of historical and present injustices that continue to challenge equal access to opportunities and resources within the VT community. We are committed to cultivating the sense of belonging of individuals and groups that hold diverse experiences, identities, and ideas, and we are committed to supporting the ongoing changes necessary to fully incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the department’s structures and values. In performing this mission, VT Geography embraces the Principles of Community, which include the inherent dignity and value of every person, the right of each person to express thoughts and opinions freely, and respect for our differences while affirming our common humanity. Our department believes that embracing diversity allows society to benefit from unique talents and perspectives that facilitate greater creativity and success for all.

Experiencing conflict?  Resources for:

If you are experiencing conflict or are uncertain about how to handle a situation, the ombuds office provides an impartial perspective to help bring clarity to a path forward. All conversations in the ombuds office are kept confidential, unless permission is granted to speak to others.

Inclusion & Diversity in CNRE
        Dr. Maryam Kamran, CNRE Director of Inclusion & Diversity