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Why Virginia Tech’s Department of Geography?  Apply Online Now

We are a student-centered department with 18 faculty members and a full-time professional academic advisor all committed to seeing you succeed.  We have award winning instructors who teach exciting classes at the cutting edge of geographical, geospatial, and meteorological sciences.  You will receive lots of personal attention, classes with outside field experiences, and opportunities to do real world research with peers and/or professors.  Graduate students rarely teach courses in our department. You will have the benefits of being at a large research intensive university but located in a department with the feel of a smaller liberal arts college.

Why the B.A. in Geography?  Apply Online Now

Training in geography equips graduates to integrate and synthesize information from multiple bodies of knowledge (from the environmental sciences to the social sciences and even the humanities) at a variety of scales, geographers are uniquely prepared to meet the rapidly evolving demands of today’s industries, public  agencies, non-profit organizations. Geographers pride themselves on their ability to see the world from a ‘big picture’ perspective, understanding how people, places, and phenomena interact with each other across space and time. 

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·    Geography Occupational Data (from Bureau of Labor Statistics)

·    Career Profiles in Geography

·    Geospatial Revolution (trailer and access to full set of videos)

·    Geography Catapults Onto the World Stage

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·    What Geographers Do

·    Geography Can Take You There

Why the B.S. in Meteorology?  Apply Online Now

The curriculum for the B.S. in Meteorology has been developed from recommended guidelines for undergraduate degree programs established by the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service.  The degree meets the requirements of the federal civil service (GS-1340) for a degreed meteorologist. The requirements provide a strong shared core of coursework with the BA degree in Geography, assuring that our Meteorology and Geography students have a large common experience, particularly in the Geospatial Sciences (Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, and mapping) so they are able to visualize weather and predict ground effects of atmospheric events.

·    All About Careers in Meteorology (from American Meteorological Society)

·    Meteorology Occupational Data (from Bureau of Labor Statistics)

For more information contact:

Julie Burger
Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Department of Geography
138 Cheatham Hall
Phone: (540) 231-6886