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GEA Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Applicants should submit all of their materials by February 15th.

Admission to the program requires:

- a Virginia Tech application (on-line or paper version by mail);

- a master's degree;

- official and current transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework completed;

- GRE scores;

- three letters of reference, including at least two from former professors;

- a sample of written research to enable the Geospatial Program Committee to evaluate an applicant’s potential for research and writing ability;

- a written explanation of the reason for applying to the doctoral program, including career objectives, the likely main area of research for the dissertation and the expected advisor for your research (you should have made contact with this person to assure that he/she is willing and able to serve as your advisor prior to application;

- a personal vita or resume providing information on education, employment history, and professional activity;

- TOEFL scores (minimum of 550 on paper version or 213 on computerized version) for international students whose native language is not English or who have not earned an undergraduate degree from an American, Canadian, or British institution; and

- contacting a potential advisor from the list of affiliated faculty to discuss your research interests

Admission gives preference to those with:

- a strong background in geospatial analysis as evidenced by the master's thesis and coursework

- a 3.2 or higher Grade Point average in your MS program

- It is helpful to have a GRE score that places you in the 65th percentile or above in both the quantitative and verbal categories, but keep in mind that this is just one measure used to evaluate an application. We have accepted students with a GRE score lower than those in the past provided that the rest of the application is strong.