Our Mission Statement

The mission of the department of Geography at Virginia Tech is to foster an appreciation and understanding of the diversity of Earth’s physical and cultural environments, the importance and value of a spatial perspective, and an understanding of the complex interrelationships between peoples and their environments at a variety of scales.  Our goal is to provide students with the intellectual and technical skills to synthesize information, become critical thinkers, develop into better and more informed citizens, and find success in employment or further academic training.

Our department emphasizes teaching and scholarship involving four themes: 1) human-environment relationships – how culture, gender, economy, and politics affect people’s use of and interaction with the environment; 2) international development – the relations between developed and developing countries and the impacts of globalization at local, national, and regional levels; 3) environmental systems – the interrelations among patterns of climate, landforms, vegetation, soils and water, including the factors and processes that produce those patterns; and 4) geospatial analysis – the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computer mapping, and remote sensing in geographic analyses.