The Department’s GIS Laboratory offers a full range of Windows workstations for classes and for research, including specialized systems for GIS, cartography, and remote sensing. Software packages include the complete suite of desktop and workstation ArcGIS, ArcEngine, Surfer,ArcObjects, Trimble GPS Pathfinder, ERDAS IMAGINE, ENVI/IDL, and eCognition. Programming tools include Python, and Visual Studio (.NET).

Two Biogeography Laboratories offer advanced facilities for the study of recent and long-term environmental history and vegetation change through analysis of lake sediment, charcoal and/or tree rings. Equipment resources include refrigerated storage, computers, several Leica compound microscopes with digital imaging capability used in paleoecological research, a Colinvaux-Vohnout Sediment Coring system, Fume Hood, isotemp Furnace, and a Velmex tree-ring measurement system used in dendrochronological analysis.

Our Physical Geography Lab includes equipment for soil sampling, sample desiccation and microscopic viewing.