Thomas W. Crawford (Tom)

Professor and Department Chair

Research Interests:

·        Geographic Information Science & Systems

·        Coastal Geography

·        Human-Environment Interactions

·        Hazards

·        Geospatial Health Applications

Recent Publications:

Boettge, B., D. Hall, & T. Crawford. (2017). Assessing the bicycle network in St. Louis: a place-based user-centered approach. Sustainability, 2017, 9, 241; doi:10.3390/su9020241.

Rahman, K., T. Crawford, & T. Schmidlin. (2017). Spatio-temporal analysis of road traffic accident fatality in Bangladesh integrating newspaper accounts and gridded population data. GeoJournal, DOI 10.1007/s10708-017-9791-x.

Crawford, T., and M. Rahman. (2016). Settlement patterns. In, Remote Sensing Applications for Societal Benefits, (editor, S. Walsh), Elsevier,

Crawford, T. (2015). Finding the Real America on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail: landscape meaning of a contemporary secular pilgrimage. In, The Changing World Religion Map: Sacred Places, Identities, Practices and Politics, (editor, S. Brunn), pp. 855-873. Springer.

Crawford, T., S. Jilcott-Pitts, J. McGuirt, T. Keyserling, A. Ammerman. (2014). Conceptualizing and comparing neighborhood and activity space measures for food environment research. Health & Place, 30:215-25.

Munroe, R., T. Crawford, & S. Curtis. (2014). Geospatial analysis of ENSO forced precipitation distributions in the Gulf of Mexico. Professional Geographer, 66:91-101.

McGuirt, J., S. Jilcott-Pitts, R. Ward, T. Crawford, T. Keyserling, & A. Ammerman. (2014). Examining the influence of price and accessibility on willingness to shop at farmers’ markets among low income NC women. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 46: 26-33

Crawford, T., A. Salahuddin, S. Curtis, A. Ahmed, T. Allen, D. Bradley, A. Mishra, A. Mukherji, & K. Premalal. (2013). Scoping workshop: human responses to catastrophic monsoon events in South Asia: designing a spatially explicit model in low-lying coastal areas. APN Science Bulletin March Issue 3: 125-27.

Crawford, T., D. Bradley, & D. Marcucci. (2013). Impacts of in-migration and coastal amenities on housing Growth in Coastal North Carolina, USA. Population, Space and Place 19: 223-38.

Crawford, T., D. Marcucci, & A. Bennett. (2013). Impacts of residential development on vegetation cover for a remote coastal barrier in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA. Journal of Coastal Conservation 17:431-33.

Crawford, T., O. Bin, C. Landry, & J. Kruse. (2013). On the importance of time for GIS view measures and their use in hedonic property models. Transactions in GIS, 18:234-52.

Allen, T., Y. Wang, & T. Crawford,. (2013). Remote sensing of land cover dynamics. In, J Shroder (Ed.) Treatise in Geomorphology, pp. 80-102, Elsevier.

Jilcott Pitts S.B., Q. Wu, J.T. McGuirt, T.W. Crawford, T.C. Keyserling, & A.S. Ammerman. (2013). Associations between access to farmers' markets and supermarkets, shopping patterns, fruit and vegetable consumption and health indicators among women of reproductive age in eastern North Carolina, USA. Public Health Nutrition, 16:1944-52.

Jilcott-Pitts, S., L. Carr, J. Brinkley, L. Byrd, T. Crawford, & J. Moore. (2013). Associations between neighborhood amenity density and health indicators among rural and urban youth. American Journal of Health Promotion, 28(1):e40-e43.

Moore, J.B., J. Brinkley, T. Crawford, K.A. Evenson, & R.C. Brownson. (2013) Association of the built environment with physical activity and adiposity in rural and urban youth. Preventive Medicine 56: 145-148.

Recent Grants and Awards:

National Science Foundation – Geography & Spatial Sciences, (start date Sept. 1, 2017), “Coastal Erosion Vulnerability, Monsoon Dynamics and Human Adaptive Response,” 2017-2020, Principal Investigator. T. Crawford, S. Curtis, B. Paul, K. Rahman. $405,868 (with East Carolina University and Kansas State University and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Agricultural University (Bangladesh)).

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “A Community-Wide Public Health Risk Assessment of Vulnerable Water Infrastructure in Coastal Cities,” 2015-2017, Co-investigator (PI on subaward under South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium), E. Fly, S Lovelace, J. Whitehead, T. Crawford and others, $25,923; full award $290,993.

National Park Service, “Identifying Cultural Resource Sites Affected by Sea Level Rise at Cape Hatteras National Seashore,” 2013-2015, Co-investigator. T. Allen, B. Covey, T. Crawford, J. Walsh. $67,613.

North Carolina Space Grant Consortium, “Building STEM Linkages from Secondary Education to Higher Education: Integration of Earth and Environmental Science with Geographic Information Science,” July 2013-June 2014. Principal Investigator. T. Crawford. $9,978.

US-UK Fulbright Commission, Fulbright Scholar Award, “Cross-national Analysis of the Impacts of Urban form on Carbon Dioxide Emissions,” Feb 1 - Jul 1, 2013. Department of Geography and Environment, University of Aberdeen, UK (Scotland),. Principal Investigator. T. Crawford. $18,000 stipend.

Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research, “Human Responses to Catastrophic Monsoon Events in South Asia: Designing a Spatially Explicit Model in Low-lying Coastal Areas,” 2012-2013. Principal Investigator. T. Crawford, T. Allen, A. Ahmed, D. Bradley, S. Curtis, A. Mishra, A. Mukherji, K. Premalal, A. Salahuddin. $15,000.

Tom Crawford