Laurence W. Carstensen Jr. (Bill)


Research Interests:

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Big Data applications - NEXRAD models in 3D VR and AR Immersions
  • Virtual Reality in GIS
  • GIS algorithm design
  • Decision Support and Uncertainty
  • GIS as applied to teaching and learning of both basic and complex Geographic Principles.
  • Geographic Education through experiential learning and technology. Geographic Simulation, self-paced and hands-on learning.

Classes Recently Taught:

  • Geog 2084 - Principles of GIS
  • Geog 4084 - Introduction to GIS
  • Geog 4314 - Spatial Analysis in GIS
  • Geog 4324 - Algorithms in GIS
  • Geog 5314 - Advanced Spatial Analysis in GIS
  • GEOG 5384 - Programming for GIS

Recent Publications:

  • Smith-McKenna, E. K., Malanson, G. P., Resler, L. M., Carstensen, L. W., Prisley, S. P., Tomback, D. F. (2014). Cascading effects of feedbacks, disease, and climate change on alpine treeline dynamics. Environmental Modelling and Software, 62, 85-96.
  • Yu, H., Jiao, Y., Carstensen, L. W. (2013). Performance comparison between spatial interpolation andGLM/GAM in estimating relative abundance indices through asimulation study. Elsevier, 147, 186-195.
  • Smith-McKenna, E. K., Resler, L. M., Vance, E. A., Carstensen, L. W., Kolivras, K. (2011). Modeling the Incidence of White Pine Blister Rust Infection in Whitebark Pine at Alpine Treeline in the Northern Rocky Mountains using GIS. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 43(1), 107-117.
  • Candice, L. R., Carstensen, L. W. (2009). Varying Display Size and Resolution for Digitizing Vector and Raster Targets: A Study of Digitizing Performance on Multiple-Monitor High-Resolution Displays. Cartographica, 44(4), 256-273.
  • Luebbering, C. R., Carstensen, L. W., Campbell, J. B., Grossman, L. S. (2008). Expanding Display Size and Resolution for Viewing Geospatial Data: A User Study with Multiple-Monitor High-Resolution Displays. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 35(3), 203-219.
  • Schiebe, Kevin, L. W. Carstensen, T.R. Rakes & L.P. Rees, 2005. "Going the Last Mile: A Spatial Decision Support System for Wireless Broadband Communications." Decision Support Systems

Recent Grants and Awards:

  • Horning, Michael (Supporting Investigator), Gabbard, Joseph (Principal Investigator), Bowman, Douglas (Principal Investigator), Ogle, Todd (Co-Principal Investigator), Bukvic, Ivica (Co-Principal Investigator), Carstensen, Laurence W (Co-Principal Investigator), Gracanin, Denis (Co-Principal Investigator), North, Christopher (Co-Principal Investigator), Polys, Nicholas (Co-Principal Investigator), "Microsoft Hololens Academic Research Grant," Sponsored by Microsoft, Private, $100,000.00.

  • Carstensen, Laurence W (Principal Investigator), Carroll, David (Co-Principal Investigator), Ellis, Andrew (Co-Principal Investigator), Sforza, Peter (Co-Principal Investigator), "A unique platform for three-dimensional meteorological immersion and exploration," Sponsored by Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology, Virginia Tech, $25,000.00. (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015).

Bill Carstnsen