Korine N. Kolivras

Associate Professor

Affiliated Faculty Member, Fralin Life Science Institute

Web Page: web1.cnre.vt.edu/korine

Research Interests:

  • Medical geography
  • Climate and health
  • GIS Applications

Classes Recently Taught:

  • GEOG 1004: Introduction to Human Geography
  • GEOG 4074: Medical Geography
  • GEOG 5214: Health and the Global Environment

Recent Publications:

  • Seukep, S.E.*, K.N. Kolivras, Y. Hong, J. Li, S.P. Prisley, J.B. Campbell, D.N. Gaines, and R.L. Dymond. 2015. An examination of the demographic and environmental variables correlated with Lyme disease emergence in Virginia. EcoHealth

  • Li, J., K.N. Kolivras, Y. Hong, Y. Duan*, S.E. Seukep*, S. Prisley, J. Campbell, D. Gaines. 2014. Spatial and temporal emergence pattern of Lyme disease in Virginia. American Journal of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene. 91(6): 1166-1172.

  • Khan, M., Bryceson, I., K. N. Kolivras, Faruque, F., Rahman, M., and Haque, U. 2014.  Natural Disasters and land-use/land-cover change in the southwest coastal areas of Bangladesh.  Regional Environmental Change. DOI 10.1007/s10113-014-0642-8.

  • Luebbering, C. R.*, K. N. Kolivras, and S. Prisley. 2013. Visualizing linguistic diversity through cartography and GIS. The Professional Geographer. 65(4): 580-593.

  • Luebbering, C. R.*, K. N. Kolivras, and S. Prisley. 2013. The lay of the language: Surveying the cartographic characteristics of language maps. Cartography and Geographic Information Science. 40(5): 383-400.

  • Hill, J.L., Chau, C.*, Luebbering, C.R.*, Kolivras, K.N., and Zoellner, J. Does availability of physical activity and food outlets differ by race and income? Findings from an enumeration study in a health disparate region. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 9(105).

  • Haque, U., Hashizume, M., Kolivras, K.N., Overgaard, H. J., Das, B., and Yamamoto, T. 2012.  Reduced death rates from cyclones in Bangladesh – What more needs to be done?. Bulletin of the World Health Organization  90: 150-156.

  • Kolivras, K.N., Luebbering, C.R.*, and Resler, L.M.  2012.  Evaluating differences in landscape interpretation between webcam and field-based experiences.  Journal of Geography in Higher Education. 36(2): 277-291.

  • Haque, U., Magalhães, R.J., Mitra, D., Kolivras, K.N., Schmidt, W.P., Haque, R. and Glass, G.E.  2011. The role of age, ethnicity and environmental factors in modulating malaria risk in Rajasthali, Bangladesh.  Malaria Journal 10: 367.

  • Phoutrides, E., Coulibaly, M.B., George, C.M.*, Sacko, A., Traore, S., Bessof, K., Wiley, M., Kolivras, K.N., Adelman, Z., Traore, M., and Hunsperger, E.A. 2011. Dengue virus seroprevalence among febrile patients in Bamako, Mali: Results of a 2006 surveillance study. Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases 11(8).

  • Smith, E.K.*, Resler, L.M., Vance, E.A., Carstensen, L., and Kolivras, K. 2011. Blister rust incidence in treeline whitebark pine, Glacier National Park, U.S.A.: Environmental and topographic influences. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 43(1).

  • Kolivras, K.N.  2010.  Changes in dengue risk potential in Hawaii, USA due to climate variability and change.  Climate Research  42(1): 1-11.

  • Luebbering, C.R.* and Kolivras, K.N.  2010.  The precarious position of teaching as a graduate student.  The Geographical Bulletin 51: 111-118.

  • Butterworth, M.K.*, Kolivras, K.N., Grossman, L.S., and Redican, K.J.  2010.  Knowledge, perceptions, and practices: Mosquito-borne disease transmission in southwest Virginia, USA.  The Southeastern Geographer  50(3): 366-385.

*student collaborator

Grants and Awards:

  • 2011-2013: National Science Foundation, “Environmental Variability and Disease Emergence: Spatial Patterns of Lyme Disease Emergence in Virginia”  ($199,998)  Korine Kolivras (PI), James Campbell, David Gaines, Yili Hong, and Stephen Prisley (co-PIs).

  • 2008: Institute for Biomedical and Public Health Sciences, Virginia Tech Seed Grant “Environmental variability and Lyme disease in Virginia”  ($20,000) (PI, with co-PI’s James Campbell, Pang Du, David Gaines, Dana Hawley, Steve Sedlock, Eric Smith)

  • 2007:  National Council for Geographic Education, “A comparative analysis of virtual and conventional landscape interpretation”  $3500 (PI, with co-PI Lynn Resler).

  • 2006:  Curriculum Club Outstanding Teacher, Department of Geography, Virginia Tech.

  • 2006:  American Geographical Society, “Collaborative Environmental Management in Caribbean Tourist Regions: Linking Geographic Scales of Analysis and Public-Private Partnerships” $58,000 (co-PI, with PI Joseph Scarpaci and co-PI William Galloway).

  • 2006:  College of Natural Resources (VT) Seed Grant “Amphibians as natural agents of mosquito population control”  $9800 (co-PI, with PI William Hopkins and co-PI Sally Paulson).

  • 2006:  Association of American Geographers Research Grant “Assessing the Potential for Mosquito-borne Disease Outbreaks in Virginia: A Pilot Study”  $1,000.

  • 2005:  Finalist in the AAG Nystrom Competition for best paper based on a recent dissertation

  • 2005:  Faculty Grant, Office of International Research, Education, and Development/Office of International Affairs (VT):  “Assessment of Health-related Exposures in a Squatter Settlement in the Dominican Republic” $1,000.

  • 2005:  Summer Faculty Fellow Grant, Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (VT)  “Restructuring Introduction to Human Geography (GEOG 1004)” $6,000.

Korine N. Kolivras