Lynn M. Resler

Lynn M. Resler

Associate Professor

Research Interests:

My research explores the biogeographic and geomorphic dynamics of mountain environments, such as the alpine treelines of western North America, where I have worked extensively for the past several years.  My research goals are to understand spatial and temporal links between local and global mechanisms that shape landscape patterns under regimes of change, including the effects of exotic and invasive disease, shifting climate regimes, and anthropogenic disturbance. 

  • Biogeography and Coupled Biogeographic-Geomorphic Systems
  • Alpine Treeline
  • Mountain Environments
  • Field Methods
  • Parks and Public Lands
  • Digital Image Analysis

Classes Recently Taught:

I teach courses in biogeography, mountain geography, geography of resources, and advanced physical geography.  Classes I have taught over the last three years include:

  • Geography of Resources (Upper Division)
  • Biogeography (Upper Division)
  • Mountain Geography (Upper Division)
  • Advanced Topics in Physical Geography (Graduate)
  • World Landscapes (Team-Taught Study Abroad Course to Atlantic Provinces, Canada).

Recent Publications:

  • Smith-McKenna, Emily K., Resler, Lynn M., Tomback, Diana F., Zhang, Huaiye, and Malanson, George P. 2013. Topographic influences on the distribution of white pine
    blister rust in Pinus albicaulis treeline communities. EcoScience 20(3): 215-229.
  • Resler, Lynn M., Shao, Yang, Tomback, Diana F., and Malanson, George P. 2014. Predicting functional role and occurrence of Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis)at alpine treelines: Model accuracy and variable importance. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, In Press.
  • Rivers, Bridgette, Oliver, Robert D., Resler, Lynn M. 2014. Pungent Provisions: The Ramp and Appalachian Identity. Material Culture, In press.
  • Malanson, G.P., Scuderi, L., Moser, K.A., Willmott, C.J., Resler, L.M., Warner, T.A., Mearns, L.O.  2014. The composite nature of physical geography: Moving from linkages to integration. Progress in Physical Geography, In press.
  • Tomback, D., Chipman, K., Resler, L. M., Smith-McKenna, E.K., and Smith, C.P. 2014. Relative abundance and functional role of Whitebark Pine at treeline in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Arctic Antarctic and Alpine Research, In press.
  • Malanson, G.P., Resler, L.M., Bader, M., Holtmeier, K.-F. Weiss, D., Butler D., Daniels, L. and D. B., Fagre.  2010. Mountain Treelines: A Roadmap for Research Orientation. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 43(2):167-177.

  • McManamay, R., Resler, L.M., Campbell, J, and McManamay, R. 2011. Assessing the impacts of balsam woolly adelgid and anthropogenic disturbance on the stand structure and mortality of Fraser fir in the Black Mountains, North Carolina. Castenea 76(1).

  • Smith, E.K., Resler, L.M., Vance, E. Carstensen, W., and Kolivras, K. 2010. Modeling the Incidence of White Pine Blister Rust Infection in Whitebark Pine at Alpine Treeline in the Northern Rocky Mountains using GIS. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 43(1): 107-117.

  • Stine, M.B., Resler, L.M. and Campbell, J. B. 2010. Vegetation and soil patterns of a Southern Appalachian, mountain wetland ecotone. Catena 86, 57-55.

  • Resler, L.M. and M.B. Stine*. 2009. Patterns and Processes of Tree Islands in Two Transitional Environments: Alpine-Treeline and Bog-Forest Ecotones. Geography Compass 3.

  • Resler, L.M. and M.A. Fonstad. 2009. A Markov analysis of tree islands at alpine treeline. In: The Changing Alpine Treeline in Glacier National Park Montana, USA (Butler, D.R., G.P. Malanson, S.J. Walsh, and D.B. Fagre, eds). Elsevier, The Netherlands. pp.151-165.
  • Resler, Lynn M., and Diana F. Tomback. 2008. Blister Rust Prevalence in Krummholz Whitebark Pine:  Implications for Treeline Dynamics.  Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 40, no. 1: 161-170.

  • Tomback, Diana F. and Lynn M. Resler. 2007.  Invasive Pathogens at Alpine Treeline: Complications and Concerns. Physical Geography, 28, no. 5: 397-418.

  • Malanson, George P., David R. Butler, Daniel B. Fagre, Stephen J. Walsh, Diana F. Tomback, Lori D. Daniels, Lynn M. Resler, William K. Smith, Daniel J. Weiss, David L. Peterson, Andrew G. Bunn, Christopher A. Heimstra, Daniel Lipton, Patrick S. Bourgeron, Zehao Shen, and Constance I. Miller. Alpine treeline of western North America and Global Climate Change: Linking Organism to Landscape Dynamics. 2007. Physical Geography, 25, no. 5: 378-396.

  • Resler, Lynn M.  2006. Geomorphic Controls of Spatial Pattern and Process and Alpine Treeline . The Professional Geographer 58 (2), 124-138.

  • Resler, Lynn M., David R. Butler, and George P. Malanson. 2005. Topographic shelter and conifer establishment and mortality in an alpine environment, Glacier National Park, Montana. Physical Geography 26 (2), 112-125.

  • Resler, Lynn M., Mark A. Fonstad, and David.R. Butler. 2004. Mapping the alpine treeline ecotone with aerial photography and textural analysis. Geocarto International 19(1), 37-44.

  • Butler, David R., George P. Malanson, and Lynn M. Resler. 2004. Turf-banked terrace treads and risers, turf exfoliation, and possible relationships with advancing treeline. Catena 58 (3), 259-274.

Grants and Awards:

  • "Implications of an Invasive Forest Pathogen for Alpine Treeline Dynamics". Resler (PI) co-investigators Diana Tomback (University of Colorado at Denver) and George Malanson (University of Iowa). $439,006, 07/09-10/13. National Science Foundation, Geography and Spatial Sciences.

  • Impact of climatic change on Alpine plant species distribution, land cover and edaphic system in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda - START grant with Bob Nakileza, from the Department of Geography and the director of the Mountain Center in Kampala.(2009)
  • Winner of the AAG 2005 Nystrom Competition for best paper based on a recent dissertation
  • AAG Research Grant for project "A multi-scale approach to understanding spatial and temporal dynamics of seedling establishment sites at alpine treeline." April 2005 
Lynn Resler