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Current Graduate Students


Graduate Student
Mahjabin Kabir Adrita – M.S.
Advisor: Korine Kolivras
Previous: University of Dhaka
Interests: Health/Medical Geography, Urban Geography, Communicable Diseases, Geographic Information Science

Williams Akkyemfori

Williams Akkyemfori
Williams Akyemfori – M.S.
Advisor: Robert Oliver
Previous: University of Ghana
Interests: Gentrification, land use and cover changes, waste management 



Meghan Albritton

Meghan Albritton – Ph.D.
Advisor: Korine Kolivras
Previous: Virginia Tech
Interests: health geography, global health, participatory mapping


Brandy Ayesu-danso
Brandy Ayesu-danso - M.S.
Advisor: Eranga Galappaththi
Previous: University of Ghana (Ghana)
Interests: Climate change adaptation, resilience, vulnerability, coastal indigenous peoples, GIS, Remote Sensing.


Cole Bristow - Ph.D.
Advisor: Lynn Resler
Previous: Virginia Tech

Interests: Biogrography, GIS applications for environmental science
Graduate Student
Ozzy Campos - Ph.D.
Advisor: Yang Shao
Previous: US Air Force Academy
Interests: Remote sensing of conflict zones 


Paramita Chakraborty - M.S.
Advisor: Luke Juran
Previous: University of Calcutta (India)
Interests: Hazards, disasters, post-disaster reconstruction, water, sustainability, 
Indunil Dharmasiri
Indunil Dharmasiri - M.S.
Advisor: Eranga Galappaththi
Previous: University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka)
Interests: Climate change adaptation, vulnerability, entrepreneurship
Graduate Student
Julia Finkhauser – M.S.
Advisor: Craig Ramseyer
Previous: Plymouth State University
Interests: Tropical Weather and Cyclones, Convective Weather Processes, Climate Change, Geographic Information Science, Computer Programming
Graduate Student
Addison Flack – M.S.
Advisors: Timothy Baird
Previous: Virginia Tech
Interests: Land change analysis, Geovisualization, Geographic Information Science, Climate Change Adaptation

Charles Fladhammer

Charles Fladhammer – M.S.
Advisors: Anamaria Bukvic
Previous: Virginia Tech
Interests: Coastal security, national security implications of climate change, GIS, remote sensing, water related conflicts
Grad Student
Sophiya Gyanwali – M.S.
Advisor: Bukvic
Previous: Kathmandu University
Interests: Disaster Risk Reduction, Water Resources, Geographic Information Science, Climate Change
Graduate Student
Ryley Harris - Ph.D.
Advisor: Lisa Kennedy
Previous: Radford University and Virginia Tech
Interests: Landscape dynamics, plant ecology, remote sensing, sUAS
Gayanthi Ilangarathna
Gayanthi Ilangarathna – M.S.
Advisor: Eranga Galappaththi
Previous: University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Interests: food security, climate change, rural sociology, policy analysis
Shashank Karki
Shashank Karki - M.S.
Advisor: Timothy Baird
Previous: Kathmandu University (Nepal)
Interests: Geovisualization, GIS, geospatial programming

Head shot

Muna Khatiwada – Ph.D.
Advisor: Drew Ellis
Previous: East Carolina University
Interests: Precipitation variability, climate change, geospatial analysis, hydroclimatology, naturla hazards



Beatrice Kyermateng

Beatrice Kyeremateng - M.S..
Advisor: Stephanie Zick
Previous: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)
Interests: Tropical meteorology, climate extremes, tropical cyclones, python programming

Abdul Azeez Lawal

Abudul-Azeez Lawal - M.S..
Advisor: Junghwan Kim
Previous: Obafemi Awolowo University (Nigeria)
Interests: Environmental health, active transportation, human mobility, computer vision, deep learning
Alexander Miele
Alexander Miele - M.S.
Advisor: Yang Shao
Previous: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Interests: Mountain hydrology, stream ecology, microclimates, freshwater conservation, giant salamanders
Sithuni Mimasha – M.S.
Advisor: Eranga Galappaththi
Previous: University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Interests: climate change impacts, GIS, Indigenous communities, sustainability
Joe Newman
Joe Newman – M.S.
Advisor: Craig Ramseyer
Previous: Virginia Tech
Interests: spatial data analysis, geospatial programming, decision support application development, transportation safety


Lydia Nicolai - M.S.
Advisor: Lynn Resler, Yang Shao
Previous: West Virginia University
Interests: Forest dynamics, GIS, geospatial data analysis, climate change
Geoffrey Otieno
Geoffrey Otieno - M.S.
Advisor: Korine Kolivras
Previous: Kenyatta University (Kenya)
Interests: Water, sanitation, disease, human/environment interactions
Chrishma Perera – M.S.
Advisor: Eranga Galappaththi
Previous: University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Interests: climate change adaptation, resilience, and vulnerability, sustainability, Indigenous peoples' knowledge systems


Fabiha Rahman – M.S.
Advisor: Junghwan Kim
Previous:Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Interests:Transport geography, human mobility, GIS, spatial planning
Graduate Student
Bright Samson – M.S.
Advisor: Andrew Ellis
Previous: Obafemi Awolowo University
Interests: Climatology, Climate Change, Air Pollution
Graduate Student
Md Sariful Islam - Ph.D.
Advisor: Tom Crawford 
Previous: Kent State University
Interests: Coastal hazards, remote sensing, food security, machine learning

Caroline Sorensen

Caroline Sorenson
Caroline Sorensen - M.S.
Advisor: Anamaria Bukvic
Previous: Augustana College
Interests: Climate change, flooding,coastal hazards and disasters
Troy Swift
Troy Swift - Ph. D.
Advisor: Lisa Kennedy
Previous: Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, Germany
Interests: Environmental history of central Appalachia, charcoal and pollen analyses
Graduate Student
Jack Tolar – M.S.
Advisor: Yang Shao
Previous: Virginia Tech
Interests: Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Science, Change Detection in Urban Areas, Climate Change