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Undergraduate Programs:

B.A. in Geography

The Department offers a B. A. in Geography. Geography offers a unique perspective on many of today’s most important issues--from globalization, international development, and ethnic conflict to environmental problems, population growth, and climate change.

The curriculum for the B.A. in Geography is designed to foster a liberal education in Geography, and to balance this with  the opportunity to enhance their analytical skills, gain a critical global perspective on resource issues and societal problems, obtain an appreciation of the significance of human-environment relations, and gain training in advanced computer-based techniques such as Geographic Information Systems (ESRI ArcGIS products and customized software design), web mapping (Google Map and Google Earth), and remote sensing (Erdas Imagine, ENVI).

Why is geography important?

How do I know I want to be a geographer?

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B.S. in Meteorology

The curriculum for the B.S. in Meteorology has been developed from recommended guidelines for undergraduate degree programs established by the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Service.  The degree meets the requirements of the federal civil service (GS-1340) for a degreed meteorologist.

The requirements provide a strong shared core of coursework with the BA degree in Geography, assuring that our Meteorology and Geography students have a large common experience, particularly in the Geospatial Sciences (Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing, and mapping) so they are able to visualize weather and predict ground effects of atmospheric events.

How do I know I want to be a meteorologist?

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If you are interested in applying to VT and entering as a geography or meteorology major:

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For more information, questions, or to schedule a visit in relation to an undergraduate program; please contact:

Julie Burger
Academic Advisor
Department of Geography
138 Cheatham Hall
Phone: (540)-231-5482


Graduate Options:

Geospatial Science Certificate

Geography is a participant in the Graduate Level Geospatial Information Technology Certification Program which allows you to get a certification in Geographic Information Science with the completion of four graduate level courses. You do not have to be in a degree seeking program to obtain this certificate.

M.S. Degree in Geography

The Department offers an M.S. degree in Geography. Exceptional undergraduate geography students may be nominated for the accelerated Undergraduate/graduate program.

PhD Degree

The Department also participates in the College of Natural Resources and Environment's interdisciplinary doctoral program in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis.

For more information, questions, or to schedule a visit in relation to a graduate program; please contact:

Dr. Korine Kolivras
Associate Professor
Department of Geography
123 Major Williams Hall
Phone: (540)-231-5514