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Geography is more than maps

It’s the study of how people affect the planet and how physical features of the planet affect people. 

Geography majors study the world from a spatial perspective. They investigate conditions and patterns -– applying location data to everything from the insect density across a region, to how commuters move in a given area, to seasonal climate variations and their effects on the environment. 

Geography majors study the conditions of people, societies, the environment, and how they are inter-related. They use cutting-edge tools and techniques to solve problems related to natural disasters, the spread of disease, urban sprawl, climate change, population change, biophysical systems, sustainability, climate change, transportation issues, the global economy, and much more. Students also will take methods courses covering geospatial technology and their applications to human and environmental problems.


The Department of Geography offers a Bachelor of Arts in geography and a Bachelor of Science in meteorology.

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    Bachelor of Arts in Geography

    Study the patterns and processes connecting places and regions across the globe. Learn about societies and cultures, environmental systems, human-environment relationships, international development, and geospatial science, while utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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    Bachelor of Science in Meteorology

    Study weather forecasting and atmospheric sciences with a significant focus on using geospatial technology to study how landforms affect weather patterns. Learn to predict severe weather and assess its impacts on both humans and the environment.

What makes Virginia Tech’s Department of Geography a great choice?

College Factual ranks the Virginia Tech Geography department in the top 15 of more than 200 departments throughout the U.S. in 2023 and the top bachelor’s program in the southeast. The department has 21 faculty members and a full time professional academic advisor who are committed to student success. 

Instruction comes from the best teaching and research faculty in the country. You will receive personal attention and opportunities to do real-world research with peers and professors. You will have the benefits of being at a large research-intensive university while being in a department with the feel of a smaller college.

Undergraduates in the Virginia Tech Department of Geography are involved in research that can include fieldwork at sites around the world. Geography faculty members are working in Australia, Asia, Africa, and across the U.S. There are opportunities for students to study abroad for a semester or for a shorter term during winter and summer breaks. Experiential learning is required of undergraduates and is often cited by students as their favorite academic experience at Virginia Tech.