Timothy D. Baird Associate Professor Human/environment interactions, East Africa, information and communication technologies, sustainability.
John Boyer Senior Instructor World regions, viticulture, geography of wine, agricultural geography, educational technology.
Anamaria Bukvic Assistant Professor Climate change impacts, adaptation, and disaster risk reduction; population displacement, resettlement, and relocation; coastal hazards and disasters, transdisciplinary research
James B. Campbell Professor Remote sensing, soils and geomorphology, quantitative methods.
David Carroll Instructor Meteorology, forecasting, severe weather.
Laurence W. Carstensen Jr. Professor GIS, cartography, wireless telecommunications modeling, unmanned vehicle navigation, GIS uncertainty, spatial decision-support in GIS.
Thomas W. Crawford (Tom) Professor and Department Chair Geographic Information Science & Systems, Coastal Geography, Human-Environment Interactions, Hazards, Geospatial Health Applications.
Andrew W. Ellis Associate Professor Meteorology, hydroclimatology, drought, climate change, water resources.
Luke Juran Associate Professor Human Ecology of Water,  WASH & HWTS,  Hazards & Disasters,  Reconstruction,  Coastal Issues,  South Asia, Mixed Methods.
Lisa M. Kennedy Associate Professor Long-term environmental change, biogeography, vegetation dynamics, fire history and ecology, human-environment interactions, tropical America, Caribbean, Appalachians/US southeast. .
Korine N. Kolivras Associate Professor
Medical geography, climate and health, climatology.
Robert Oliver Associate Professor The Geography of the Modern City, Urban-Political Geography, Mega-Event Planning and Politics (Sport Development).
Thomas Pingel Associate Professor GIS, geovisualization, and geospatial programming.
Craig Ramseyer Assistant Professor Climate Modeling, Hydroclimatology, Tropical Climatology, Artificial neural network applications in the Atmospheric Sciences
Lynn M. Resler Associate Professor
Biogeography, alpine treeline, mountain environments, field methods, digital image analysis.
Santosh Rijal
Collegiate Assistant Professor 
Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Spatial Analysis, Land condition disturbance, Ecosystem Services, Natural Resource Management.
Stewart Scales Instructor Cartography and Map Design, Appalachia, Virginia, Physical Geography, Pyrogeography & Fire Ecology
Yang Shao Associate Professor Remote sensing, GIS, land use and land cover change, watershed assessment and modeling.
Kenneth L. Stiles Instructor Intelligence Operations, Counterterrorism , Geospatial applications used in the Intelligence Community
Stephanie Zick Assistant Professor Tropical meteorology, tropical cyclones, precipitation, numerical weather prediction, shape analysis


Maria Elisa Christie Director, Women and Gender in International Development, Office of International Research, Education, and Development (OIRED)
Gender, Agriculture, and Development, Cultural and Political Ecology, Geography of Food, Cuisine, and Kitchenspace, Qualitative Research Methods, Participatory Mapping.
Randel L. Dymond Associate Professor
Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
Sustainable Land Development, Urban Stormwater Quality & Quantity, AutoCAD Civil 3D, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Decision Support Systems, Watershed Management, Civil Infrastructure Systems, Land Use Change Impacts, and Visualization of Geospatial data.
Charles M. Good Emeritus Professor
Medical, Africa, Third World Development, Immigration.
Lawrence S. Grossman Emeritus Professor
Caribbean, development, political ecology, colonial environmental history.
Robert W. Morrill Emeritus Professor
Geographic education, North America, political.
Bonham C. Richardson Emeritus Professor
Historical, Caribbean, human ecology.
Joseph L. Scarpaci Emeritus Professor
Latin American Studies, International Development, Place Promotion, Heritage, International & social marketing.


Karen Bland kbland@vt.edu Administrative assistant.
Katherine Pritchard kpritcha@vt.edu
Instructional technical assistant for John Boyer.
Julie Burger jcburger@vt.edu Student Services Coordinator and Undergraduate Adviser.



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Michael William Graham PHD GAEA mwgraham@vt.edu
Carrie Killeen Jensen PHD GAEA ckjensen@vt.edu
David Aaron Jensen PHD GAEA ajdavid6@vt.edu
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