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Hokies take the plunge in pursuit of a sustainable New Zealand

Students learn about the interplay between humans and the natural environment while traversing the South Island.

Geography students in New Zealand

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    A person wearing a sari holds a string with small ceramic tablets dangling from it, in front of a square concrete water tank.
    A silver lining in the fight for clean water in India , article

    Students and faculty in the Department of Geography trialed the use of silver-infused ceramic tiles as a way to provide clean water to schools in rural India.

    Date: Mar 02
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    Exploring cultures through the sensory experience of tea
    Exploring cultures through the sensory experience of tea , video

    Geography of Tea invites students to explore different world cultures through the sensory experience of tea. The course applies the physical and human geography of tea, including economics, production, and current events, coupled with tea tasting exercises. The class brings students together from a diversity of majors, to broaden their horizons while sharing a beverage.

    Date: Apr 19