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Chair's Message

Tom Crawford

Welcome to Geography. We are an outstanding department housed in the #1 ranked program of natural resources within VT’s College of Natural Resources and Environment.  We are committed to high quality teaching, research and outreach.  I invited you to visit me in 238 Wallace Hall or contact me to learn more about the department.

We are proud to house faculty who have been recognized for excellence and innovation in teaching.  Our students enjoy getting to know their professors and find employment in a variety of sectors where they apply knowledge and skillsets related to human and environmental problems, the geospatial industry, and meteorology.  A sampling of new courses in recent years includes:  Sustainable Urbanization, Geospatial Land Change Modeling, Climate Change and Society Impacts, Tropical Meteorology, and Africa Together. 

We emphasize research by faculty and students.  Selected faculty research themes include human health in Appalachia, environmental change in Tanzania, coastal hazards in Bangladesh, alpine biogeographic response to climate change, water resources in South Asia, spatial analysis of tropical cyclones, and urban development to name a few.  Students have opportunities to participate with faculty in ongoing or independent research projects. 

As we move to the future, strategic planning will ensure our already healthy status, allow us to grow with the Virginia Tech, and steer us to maintain and grow our vibrant programs at the forefront of Geography and Meteorology.

I encourage prospective students to explore our website and to arrange a campus visit.  We will give you personal attention.  Alumni and friends are always welcome to drop in announced or unannounced.  We love to hear what you are doing and share with you our current activities.


Tom Crawford