Department History

·    1970:  First Geography faculty hired at Virginia Tech.

·    1972:  Proposal for a new Geography undergraduate degree to be housed in Political Science.

·    1975:  Gained departmental status as the Department of Geography under founding chair Dr. Charles Good and launched the B.A. in Geography.

·    1977:  Launch of M.S. in Geography.

·    2004:  Department moved from the dissolved College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Natural Resources (renamed College of Natural Resources and Environment in 2010)..

·    2004:  Following retirements, a low point of five faculty (four tenure track, one instructor).

·    2004 – present:  growing enrollments and increase to 18 faculty.

·    2006:  Launch of the Ph.D. in Geospatial and Environmental Analysis (GEA Ph.D.).

·    2012:  Launch of the B.S. in Meteorology.

·    Present:  18 faculty, 250 undergraduate majors, ~20 M.S. students, ~ 15 Ph.D. students.