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Undergraduate degrees

The Department of Geography offers two bachelor's degree options to undergraduates: a Bachelor of Arts in geography and a Bachelor of Science in meteorology.

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    Bachelor of Arts in Geography

    Study the patterns and processes connecting places and regions across the globe. Learn about societies and cultures, environmental systems, human-environment relationships, international development, and geospatial science, while utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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    Bachelor of Science in Meteorology

    Study weather forecasting and atmospheric sciences with a significant focus on using geospatial technology to study how landforms affect weather patterns. Learn to predict severe weather and assess its impacts on both humans and the environment.


Graduate Programs

The Department of Geography offers two programs for students seeking a master's degree: a Master of Science in geography and an accelerated Master of Science. Students can also earn a Ph.D. in geospatial and environmental analysis or a graduate certificate in geospatial science. 


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    Master of Science in Geography

    The M.S. in geography is a two-year program with emphasis on research and collaboration between faculty members and graduate students. There are thesis and non-thesis options.

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    Accelerated M.S.
    Accelerated M.S.

    The accelerated M.S. in geography allows students to earn a master's degree in one year, as long as it is the year immediately following the completion of their bachelor's degree. Students apply to the program in their third year of undergraduate study and courses selected in the final year can count toward both degrees.

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    Doctoral GEA Program

    The doctoral geospatial and environmental analysis program focuses on geographic information systems, the global positioning system, remote sensing, and imagery analysis. Environmental analysis in this program is broadly defined from rural/natural to urban/human environments. The program can be a collaboration with other departments in the College of Natural Resources and Environment.