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M. S. Thesis

Thesis Option

I. Core Courses (6 hours)

  • GEOG 5014
  • One from GEOG 4084, 4354, 5034, or 5314, or substitute an appropriate methods course approved by your advisor

II. Research and Thesis (6 hours)

III. Other (minimum 18 hours)

  • Geography courses (minimum of 6 hours)
  • Cognate courses (minimum of 3 hours of non-geography credit hours)
  • GEOG 5004: Current Geographic Research (minimum of 2 credit hours; does not count toward total program credits)

TOTAL GRADUATE CREDITS: 30 credits minimum (24 of which must be from graded coursework: GEOG 5004 and GEOG 5994 NOT included in total of 24.)


Up to 6 credit hours can be 4000-level WITH COMMITTEE APPROVAL.  Up to 6 credits TOTAL can come from 5974 (Independent Study), 5984 (Special Study), and 6984 (Special Study).

For students who lack adequate knowledge of geographic concepts, the department may require enrollment in one or more introductory-level geography classes or that the student obtain basic proficiency through other means.