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Robert W. Morrill

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests:

  • Geography Education

Classes Recently Taught:

  • Geography 1004: Introduction to Human
  • Geography 3224; Geography of Appalachia
  • Geography 3234; Geography of Virginia

Recent Publications:

  • Morrill, R. W., 2004. "The Virginia Standards of Learning: Where is Geography for Life?" The Social Studies, Nov/Dec: 255-260.
  • Morrill, R. W. 1998 "The Bednarz Years: Higher Education and the Journal of Geography," Journal of Geography, Vol.97, pp.35-37.
  • Morrill, R. W., J.P. Enedy and S. K. Pontius. 1995. "Teachers and University Faculty Cooperating to Improve Teacher Preparation." Journal of Geography,Vol. 94, no. 5 pp. 538-542.
  • Geography for Life: National Geography Standards 1994. Authors: Bednarz, S. W., N. C. Bettis, R. G. Boehm, A. R. DeSouza, R. M. Downs, J. F. Marran, R. W. Morrill and C. L. Salter. American Geographical Society, Association of American Geographers, National Council for Geographic Education and National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C. 272 pp.
  • GeoSim Series, Carstensen, L. W., R. W. Morrill and C.A. Shaffer. 1993-1995 Software for Computer-Assisted Instruction in Geography Available on the world wide web at HTTP://

Grants and Awards:

  • Endowment for the Virginia Geographic Alliance- $1,000,000 established in 2000-2001
  • Co-coordinators of the Virginia Geographic Alliance Joseph Enedy (James Madison University) and R.W. Morrill led the effort to establish a $1,000,000 Endowment for the Alliance. The donors to the Endowment are National Geographic Society $500,000, Commonwealth of Virginia $392,000, Bloedorn Foundation $108,000.The Endowment supports the improvement of geography education in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is located at the National Geographic Society.
  • 1998-2000 Texas A&M University, $28,800, Mission Geography (NASA Curriculum Development Project)
  • 1999-2000 Virginia Geographic Alliance, $36,000, Geography for Life Explorations 2000 (train trip across the United States and Canada), summer institute for teachers, with L. W. Carstensen¬†