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Scarlett Jin

Post Doctoral Associate
Scarlett Jin
243 Wallace Hall


  • Urban geography, GIS, spatial analysis
  • Sharing economy and shared mobility
  • Shrinking cities
  • Urban China   

I moved from Ohio to Virginia Tech in the summer of 2021. As an urban geographer, I focus on the social, environmental, and economic dynamics of urban development using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods. Currently, I have two major research areas: shared mobility in North American cities and shrinking industrial cities in China. I am also interested in the broader theme of how the sharing economy and new economic and technological development will change our human society.  

Recent Publications:  

Kong, H., Jin, S.T., & Sui, D. Z. (2020). Deciphering the relationship between bikesharing and public transit: Modal substitution, integration, and complementation. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 85.

Jin, S.T., & Sui, D. Z. (2020). Do central state interventions cause urban shrinkage in China? Journal of Urban Affairs.

Liu, Y.Q., Zhang, Y.P., Jin, S.T., & Liu, Y. (2020). Spatial pattern of leisure activities among residents in Beijing, China: Exploring the impacts of urban environment. Sustainable Cities and Society, 52.

Jin, S.T., Kong, H., & Sui, D.Z. (2019). Uber, public transit and urban transportation equity: A case study in New York City. The Professional Geographer, 71(2), 315-330. (Joint first author).

Jin, S.T., Kong, H., Wu, R., & Sui, D.Z. (2018). Ridesourcing, the sharing economy, and the future of cities. Cities, 76, 96-104.

Jin, S.T., Lin, V. S., & Hung, K. (2014). China's Generation Y's expectation on outbound group package tour. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 19(6), 617-644.