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Laurence W. Carstensen Jr. (Bill)



  • Geospatial systems: GIS, spatial analysis, Web GIS, data systems
  • Geographic Visualization
  • GIS programming and modeling
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Courses Recently Taught:

  • Principles of GIS/Elements of GIS (GEOG 2084/5064)
  • Algorithms in GIS / Programming for GIS (GEOG 4324/5384)
  • Web Mapping/ Advanced Web Mapping (GEOG 4394/5394)
  • Spatial Analysis / Advanced Spatial Analysis (GEOG 54314/5314)
  • Modeling in GIS /Advanced Modeling in GIS (GEOG 4084/5084)

Recent Publications:

Luebbering, Candice & L.W. Carstensen. 2009. Varying Display Size and Resolution for Digitizing Vector and Raster Targets: A Study of Digitizing Performance on Multiple-Monitor High-Resolution Displays. Cartographica, Vol. 44, No. 4, pp. 256-273

Smith, E.K., Resler, L.M., Carstensen, W., and Kolivras, K. 2010. Modeling the Incidence of White Pine Blister Rust Infection in Whitebark Pine at Alpine Treeline in the Northern Rocky Mountains using GIS. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research.

Foy, A., Carstensen, L. W., Prisley, S. P., Campbell, J. B., Dymond, R. (in press). Evaluating the Error-Band Geometry Framework to enhance geospatial data fusion. To appear in Transactions in GIS.

Yu, H., Jiao, Y., Carstensen, L. W. Performance comparison between spatial interpolation and GLM/GAM in estimating relative abundance indices through a simulation study. Elsevier, 147, 186-195.

Smith-McKenna EK, Malanson GP, Resler LM, Carstensen LW, Prisley SP, Tomback DF ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING & SOFTWARE 62:85-96

Foy AS, Carstensen LW, Prisley SP, Campbell JB, Dymond RL TRANSACTIONS IN GIS 19(4):604-618 (15 pages) 01 Aug 2015

Recent Grants:

US Department of Agriculture: 2010. Graduate Training Program in Quantitative Sciences for Sustaining Forest Resources  Burkhart H; Carstensen L; Prisley S; Radtke P; Reynolds M; Thomas V; Wynne R USD 236,000

Institute for Creativity Arts and Technology: 2014. “A unique platform for three-dimensional meteorological immersion and exploration”, $25,000

Virginia Geographic Alliance: 2015. $41,508, Geography for Life Explorations (Amtrak and Via Rail across the United States) 2016 Summer Institute for Virginia teachers. With R.W. Morrill; Co-Principal Investigator