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Department of Geography History

  • 1970:  First geography faculty hired at Virginia Tech.
  • 1972:  Proposed a new geography undergraduate degree to be housed in the Department of Political Science.
  • 1975:  Gained departmental status as the Department of Geography under Founding Chair Charles Good and launched the B.A. in geography.
  • 1977:  Launched the M.S. in Geography.
  • 2004:  Department moved from the dissolved College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Natural Resources (renamed College of Natural Resources and Environment in 2010).
  • 2006:  Launched the Ph.D. in geospatial and environmental analysis.
  • 2012:  Launched the B.S. in meteorology.
  • 2019: Move from Major Williams Hall to Wallace Hall.
  • Present:  Current department has 20 faculty, 250 undergraduate geography and meteorology majors, approximately 20 master's students, and 15 doctoral students.